Reflection 1 – Child Development Pre-assessment

Prompt: For preassessment purposes, tell about what you know about child/adolescent development. Also, describe how your current knowledge of development informs your philosophy of instruction.

A long time ago I learned about child development and the different ways in which we change, grow, and mature over the years. Unfortunately the only remains are a few catch phrases such as ‘sensorimotor stage’ or ‘multiple intelligence’ and ‘cognitive development’. While I do not remember the vocabulary or concept names, those lessons impressed upon me the importance of understanding student diversity, social norms, and interacting with students according to their development level.

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Characteristics of an Effective Educator

In my experience of having been a student and a teacher in different capacities, the educators that have left the deepest impression on me demonstrate flexibility, humility, and personality. These three aspects embody that effectiveness in an educator is diverse and complex.

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