ISTE 4 Project: Digital Citizenship Pictochart

At the heart of ISTE standard 4 is the desire for educators to prepare students with the skills, knowledge and capability to handle technology responsibly and with discretion. For younger elementary age students raised in a digital saturated environment it can be hard for some to distinguish what is appropriate, safe, and beneficial and what is not. As a teacher, my role is to guide my students to best evaluate their resources and choose appropriate responses and solutions to the various situations an online reality may bring.

I constructed this infographic poster using Pictochart, a free online software that provides templates and tools to create presentations. The information from this presentation primarily came from Common Sense Media which is an excellent resource for educators looking for curriculum to teach and introduce students to digital citizenship behaviors and expectations. This poster is targeted towards second and third grade students as both a visual and reminder of healthy guidelines to follow when using technology, especially at school.


What I felt was important to include was a final block providing response routes for students who may encounter a problem. In classrooms with more than 20 students to a teacher, it can be difficult for the teacher to keep track of each technological hiccup. By empowering students and giving them safe and secure options to help them succeed, teachers can begin scaffolding students towards independent decision-making.


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